Bayesian change point problem for traffic intensity in \(M/E_r/1\) queueing model


In this paper, we study the change point problem for the \(M/E_r/1\) queueing system. Bayesian estimators of parameter and the change point are derived under different loss functions using both the informative (beta prior) and non-informative priors (Jeffreys prior). Also empirical Bayes procedure is used to compute the parameters. Simulation and data analysis on real life are given to illustrate the results.

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The authors are thankful to the anonymous referees for their precious comments which led to significant improvement in the paper.

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Singh, S.K., Acharya, S.K. Bayesian change point problem for traffic intensity in \(M/E_r/1\) queueing model. Jpn J Stat Data Sci 2, 49–70 (2019).

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  • Change point
  • Bayesian estimation
  • Squared error loss function
  • Precautionary loss function
  • General entropy loss function

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 60K25
  • 62F15