Professor George K. Koukoulis was born in Larissa, Greece. He graduated with honors from Ampelona High School, after which he enrolled at the Armed Forces Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After his medical studies, he trained in internal medicine and endocrinology in Greece followed by postgraduate work at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, USA, where he worked with Hormones’ former Editor-in-Chief Prof. Andrew Margioris and Hormones’ current Editor-in-Chief Prof. Constantine Stratakis (when the latter was still a predoctoral student).

Upon returning to Greece, Prof. Koukoulis was appointed Director of the Department for Biomedical Research of the 251 General Air Force Hospital in Athens. He was then elected Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine-Endocrinology at the University of Thessaly, where after becoming Associate Professor, he set up an Endocrinology and Diabetes Department equipped with a laboratory for the implementation of a wide range of research studies. He additionally created the Endocrinology Department of the University Hospital of Larissa as well as an Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus Outpatient Clinic.

George Koukoulis’ contributions to and participation in the instruction of both medical students, residents, and fellows have been significant, mainly thanks to the organization of an impressive number of courses and educational seminars for young doctors over the years. An outstanding educator who transmits his knowledge with unusual clarity and sophistication and is always able to magnetize his audience, it could be said that he has created his own “school,” which has profoundly enriched and deeply inspired many of his present-day colleagues, that today hold important posts in hospitals and universities nationally and internationally. Prof. Koukouli’s involvement in the Educational Seminars organized by the Hellenic Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology in the Galinos Medical Association and in the Hellenic Diabetes Federation has been invaluable.

In 1990, Prof. Koukoulis joined the Board of directors of the Hellenic Endocrine Society (HES) as Secretary General, later on becoming a member of the Governing Committee for Education, and then, President of the HES. It was in 2002, during his Presidency, that the international quarterly journal Hormones was launched, and, since then, he has supported it with enormous zeal from the position of Editorial Assistant until today. Moreover, from 2013 until 2022, he was Editorial Director of the journal Diabetes Mellitus of the Hellenic Diabetes Federation.

Professor Koukoulis is a person of exceptionally wide knowledge and experience, who has made and continues to make his mark in Hellenic Endocrinology through his many admirable accomplishments in both scientific and social fields and his unceasing and tireless high-impact activities. His considerable contributions to the fields of clinical medicine, research, education, and his numerous publications and his dedication to the realization of highly creative and fruitful work have composed his prime endeavors, goals, and achievements throughout his lifetime.

We thank Prof. Koukoulis for all his contributions to the HES, to Edocrinology, and to society. He is a brilliant medical doctor and, above all, a remarkable human being.

And we congratulate him for this very well-deserved honor: to be the 2022 recipient of HES Medal “Eleni Thomopoulou” for lifelong service to Endocrinology!