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Table 1 The common characteristics and traits of men displaying the “exercise-hypogonadal male condition” [1]

From: Low testosterone in male endurance-trained distance runners: impact of years in training

(i) Low resting basal testosterone levels, typically only 50–75% that of normal, healthy, age-matched sedentary men.
(ii) Low testosterone levels do not appear to be a transient phenomenon related to the acute stress of exercise.
(iii) In many cases, it appears that an adjustment in the regulatory axis has occurred (to allow a new, lower set-point for circulating testosterone).
(iv) A history of early involvement in organized sport and exercise training. This has resulted in these men having many years of almost daily exposure to high levels of physical activity.
(v) The type of exercise training most frequently seen in these men is prolonged endurance-based activities such as distance running, cycling, race walking, and triathlon training.