Table 1 List of genera used in the experiments. References refer to the occurrence of these genera at a range of European Middle and Upper Palaeolithic sites based on charcoal assemblages

From: Assessing the Function of Palaeolithic Hearths: Experiments on Intensity of Luminosity and Radiative Heat Outputs from Different Fuel Sources

Genus References
Betula Marquer et al. (2010); Uzquiano (2014)
Picea Uzquiano (2014); Cichocki et al. (2014)
Quercus Badal et al. (2012); Uzquiano (2014)
Pinus Marquer et al. (2010); Badal et al. (2012); Uzquiano (2014)
Larix Beresford-Jones et al. (2010)
Alnus Haesaerts et al. (2010)
Fraxinus Uzquiano (2014)
Fresh bone Villa et al. (2002); Théry-Parisot et al. (2002a); Yravedra and Uzquiano (2013)