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On Applications of Nunokawa and Sokół Theorem for p-Valency


We present a generalization of a result for p-valent functions obtained by Nunokawa and Sokół (Appl Math Comput 22(219): 10768–10776, 2013) and give a few corollaries and examples yielding some classical results on univalent functions.

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The authors would like to express sincere thanks to the referees for careful reading and suggestions which help us to improve the paper.

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Correspondence to Vali Soltani Masih.

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  • Nunokawa and Sokół theorem
  • Subordination
  • p-valent strongly starlike and convex function of order \(\upalpha \)
  • p-valent meromorphic function

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 30A10
  • 30C45