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Oxidation performance of TP347H superheater steel after depositing ceria-doped Cr3C2–25NiCr coatings


Oxidation is the predominant corrosion mode, which consumes the material from the surface. During oxidation, the formation of oxide layer resists the further corrosion attack. However, due to the stresses developed during the growth of the oxide scale, the spallation/delamination takes place, resulting in the exposure of fresh material to the corrosive environment. In the current investigation, ceria blended Cr3C2–NiCr composite coatings were applied on TP347H austenite steel substrates with a HIPOJET-2700 spraying gun. Three mixture ratios of cerium (0.4 wt-%, 0.8 wt-%, and 1.2 wt-%) were selected for exploring the coating performance under an oxidation environment at 750 °C for 50 cycles. The microstructure and corrosion kinetics of the coating are evaluated using SEM/EDS, XRD, and X-ray mapping analysis. Moreover, the effect of the addition of cerium towards microhardness, surface roughness, and microporosity was compared with conventional Cr3C2–NiCr coating. The results indicated that the 0.4 wt-% of ceria added Cr3C2–NiCr coating provides better oxidation resistance than its counterparts, which might be attributed to the growing thin and compact oxide scale of Cr2O3, Ce2O3, and NiCr2O4, CeCrO3 spinels. As the percentage of ceria increases in the coating, the oxide scale adherence decreases, which might be due to the massive concentration of oxygen that pickup by cerium oxide particles and increases microporosity of the coating or oxide scale; simultaneously, the oxidation resistance of coated substrate decreases.

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