• Young W. Kwon

This new journal focuses on multiscale aspects of the material such as the interface and coupling of the different length/time scales of materials with emphasis on prediction and better understanding of the characteristics and properties of the materials. This journal also attracts papers on multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary aspects of materials and systems. Researches on those topics have grown steadily and are expected to grow faster as their knowledge and sciences advances. Therefore, this journal hopes to provide a coherent forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange their new findings and knowledge on the emerging topics in multiscale and multidisciplinary studies.

This special inaugural issue is a collection of papers which cover a broad spectrum of topics which are related to the theme of the new journal. Even though this special issue cannot deal with all possible topical areas with a limited number of papers, the issue will certainly show the flavor of the new journal to attract potential authors and readers. Authors are encouraged to submit their papers to further promote the research on these important topics.

Young W. Kwon


Monterey, California, USA

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