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Table 2 England and Wales 2019–2020 totals and rates of stops, serious violence, and lower super output areas

From: Equal Protection by Race with Stop and Frisk: a Risk-Adjusted Disparity (RAD) Index for Balanced Policing

Total stop and search (SS) in England and Wales = 577,054
Total serious violent crime (SVC) in England and Wales = 753,042
Rate of stop and search to serious violent crime (577,054/753,042) = 0.77:1
(10 stops for every 13 serious violent crimes)
N of lower super output areas (LSOA) = 34,753
Mean of serious violent crimes per LSOA = 21.7
Mean of stop and search per LSOA = 16.6
Serious violent crimes (2019–2020) Total
Homicide 683
Death/serious injury caused by illegal driving 696
Violence with injury 514,309
Rape 55,130
Other sexual offences 98,983
Robbery of business property 7972
Robbery of personal property 75,269
Total serious violent crimes 753,042