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NB-IoT: applications and future prospects in perspective of Bangladesh


In this article a review has been performed on the technical background and the core supporting technologies of the narrow-band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) and the possible applications in perspective of conditions of Bangladesh. At the commencement of the paper, it introduced NB-IoT techs’ background, history of development, and standardization. Then, described the features of NB-IoT by the recitation and review of research and studies currently performed and published on NB-IoT technology, in which the paper has focused on fundamental and core technologies regarding NB-IoT, analyzed several types of performance criterions of NB-IoT and compared other types of wireless technologies based on several performance indicator factors. After that, the paper discussed intelligent and smart implementations of NB-IoT such as smart and safe houses and buildings, smart grid, smart cities, monitoring environment intelligently, intelligent and smart farming, intelligent industrial automation in perspective of Bangladesh. These discussions are intended to provide an overview of the potentiality of NB-IoT in Bangladesh, which can be helpful for researchers and readers to point out scientific problems and the scopes of future research on NB-IoT in Bangladesh.

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