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Collaborative ontology maintenance with concept maps and Semantic MediaWiki


The purpose of this study was to explore how a platform for collaborative ontology maintenance could enhance curriculum development in the domain of ICT-related vocational education. Although ontology engineering and maintenance are increasingly important in the era of Semantic Web, engaging the community in ontology-driven knowledge management is still challenging in many areas, including curriculum development. The result of our study is an empirically validated prototype of a collaborative ontology maintenance solution built with Semantic MediaWiki and Concept Maps, guided by the Methontology life cycle model. The method enabled the researchers also to evaluate external validity of the domain ontology for vocational ICT education.

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Information communication technology


Resource description framework


Concept maps


Web ontology language


Semantic Mediawiki


Vocational ICT curriculum wiki


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The authors are thankful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia for supporting this research within the framework of collaboration project between Tallinn University and Kabul University.

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