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Production of fiber composite structures by means of cooperating robots

  • Dominik Delisle
  • Markus Schreiber
  • Christian Krombholz
  • Jan Stüve
Production Fiber Deposition

Scientists at the Center for Lightweight Production Technology at the German Aerospace Center are, for the first time worldwide, using several cooperating robots for the production of fiber composite components. The multi-head technology automatically deposits the fibers and reduces production times and costs. As a result, the scientists have implemented a time-efficient task distribution for the robot units.

Automated Fiber Deposition

The use of fiber composite components as structural components in the fields of aviation, aerospace, wind energy and automotives has experienced steady growth in recent decades. In aviation in particular, growing structural-mechanical, economic and ecological requirements for new generations of civil and military aircraft have led to an increased use of fiber composite components.

Due to the high material and production costs, however, the use for primary structures in aviation is worthwhile only as of a certain flight duration, with the result that...



The findings presented here result from the project “ZLP Stade — Large Components Appropriate for Fiber Composites and Online Quality Assurance in Autoclaves,” which was funded by the Economic Development Program of NBank, as well as the joint project “Development of Technologies for Efficient CFRP Wing Shell Production,” funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag. We would like to thank the members of the project-accompanying committees for their cooperation and financial support.


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  • Dominik Delisle
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  • Markus Schreiber
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  • Christian Krombholz
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  • Jan Stüve
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