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Farmer constraints on implementing Good Animal Husbandry Practices in Vietnam: case study on household pig production


Many studies have identified factors that influence the adoption of new technologies and management practices in livestock production to improve productivity, animal health and protect the environment. However, few studies have attempted to clarify the constraints faced by farmers in implementing these new management practices. This study identified 10 constraints on implementing good management practices designed to improve the health and productivity of pig production, ensure the health of workers, reduce environmental pollution and allow customers to trace the origins of their products, collectively known as Good Animal Husbandry Practices. Low output price and lack of capital were identified as the key constraints faced by 42.8% and 28.3% of farmers, respectively. Furthermore, specialized production was found to mitigate these two constraints in terms of income contribution, whereas access to credit was found to exacerbate them. Lack of knowledge was the only constraint perceived to be more severe by non-VietGAHP farmers than by their VietGAHP counterparts. Based on the above results for both VietGAHP and non-VietGAHP farmers, these constraints need to be addressed by improving financial situations through formal credit and focusing on specialized pig-producing households. For the non-VietGAHP group, delivery of information on new management practices through the government extension services should be implemented.

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Fig. 1

Source: Authors’ own survey 2018; n=173; % farmers = number of farmers who could list the constraint that they faced divided by the total number of farmers who knew about the VietGAHP


  1. Detailed information regarding the misleading nature of the correctly predicted percentage in the probit model is provided by (Wooldridge 2013), page 566.


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We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from JSPS KAKENHI in 2019. The grant number is JP19H00960.


This study was supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Grand-in-Aid for Scientific Research—KAKENHI (JSPS KAKENHI) in 2019. The Grant Number is JP19H00960.

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  • Low output price constraint
  • Lack of capital constraint
  • Good Animal Husbandry Practices implementation
  • GAHP
  • Household pig production
  • Vietnam


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