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Table 6 Conversion of manufacturing sector’s classifications

From: Quantitative linkage between global value chains’ backward participation and logistics performance in the host country: a structural gravity model analysis of emerging ASEAN economies

Food and Beverages Indonesia, Philippines Milled grain and flour; fish products; slaughtering, meat products and dairy products; other food products; beverage; tobacco
Malaysia meat and meat products; dairy products; preserved fruits and vegetables; preserved seafood; oils and fats; grain mill products; bakery products; confectionery; ice; other foods; animal feeds; wine and spirits; soft drinks; tobacco
Thailand Canning preserving of meat; dairy products; canning of fruits and vegetables; canning preserving of fish; coconut and palm oil; other vegetable animal oils; rice milling; tapioca milling; drying and grinding of maize; flour and other grain milling; sugar; bakery products; noodles and similar products; confectionery; ice; monosodium glutamate; coffee and tea processing; other food products; animal feed; distilling blending spirits; breweries; soft drinks; tobacco processing; tobacco products
Vietnam Processed, preserved meat and by-products; processed vegetable, and animals oils and fats; milk, butter and other dairy products; cakes, jams, candy, coca, chocolate products; processed and preserved fruits and vegetables; alcohol, beer and liquors; beer and liquors; non-alcohol water and soft drinks; sugar, refined; coffee, processed; tea, processed; cigarettes and other tobacco products; processed seafood and by-products; rice, processed; other food manufactures; animal feeds
Textiles and Wearing Apparel Indonesia, Philippines Spinning; weaving and dyeing; knitting; wearing apparel; other made-up textile products; leather and leather products
Malaysia Yarns and cloth; knitted fabrics; other textiles; wearing apparel; leather products; footwear
Thailand Spinning; weaving; textile bleaching and finishing; made-up textile goods; knitting; wearing; apparels except footwear; carpets and rugs; cordage rope and twine products; tanneries leather finishing; leather products; footwear except for rubber
Vietnam Weaving of cloths (all kinds); Fibers, thread (all kinds); Ready-made clothes, sheets (all kinds); Carpets
Weaving and embroidery of textile-based goods (except carpets); Products of leather tanneries: leather goods
Wood and Paper Indonesia, Philippines Timber; wooden furniture; other wooden products; pulp and paper; printing and publishing
Malaysia Sawmill products; other wood products; furniture; paper and board; printed products
Thailand Pulp Paper and paperboard; paper products; printing and publishing; saws mills; wood and cork products; furniture and fixtures wood
Vietnam Paper pulp and paper products and by-products; Processed wood and wood products; Products of printing activities; Products of publishing house
Petroleum, Chemical and Non-Metallic Mineral Products Indonesia, Philippines Synthetic resins and fiber; basic industrial chemicals; chemical fertilizers and pesticides; drugs and medicine; other chemical products; refined petroleum and its products; plastic products; tires and tubes; other rubber products; cement and cement products; glass and glass products; other non-metallic; mineral products; non-ferrous metal
Malaysia Industrial chemicals; paints and lacquers; drugs and medicines; soap and cleaning preparations; other chemical products; petrol and coal products; processed rubber; rubber products; plastic products; china, glass and pottery; clay products; cement, lime and plaster; other non-metal products; non-ferrous metal
Thailand Basic industrial chemicals; synthetic resins and plastics; fertilizer and pesticides; paints varnishes and lacquers; drugs and medicines; soap and cleaning preparations; cosmetics; matches; other chemical products; petroleum refineries; other petroleum products; rubber sheets and block rubber; tires and tubes; other rubber products; plastic wares; cement; concrete and cement products: ceramic and earthenwares; glass and glass products; structural clay products; other non-metallic products; non-ferrous metal
Vietnam Crude oil, natural gas (except exploration); glass and glass products; ceramic and by-products; bricks, tiles; cement; concrete, mortar and other cement products; other building materials; basic organic chemicals; basic inorganic chemicals; chemical fertilizer; fertilizer; pesticides; veterinary; health medicine; processed rubber and by-products; soap, detergents; perfumes and other toilet preparation; plastic (including semi-plastic products); other plastic products; paint; inl, varnish and other painting materials; other chemical products; non-ferrous metals and products(except machinery equipment); gasoline, lubricants (already refined)
Metal Products Indonesia, Philippines Iron and steel; metal products
Malaysia Iron and steel; other fabricated metal and fixtures; structural metal products; other metal products;
Thailand Iron and Steel; secondary steel products; cutlery and hand tools; furniture and fixtures metal; structural metal; products; other fabricated metal products
Vietnam Ferrous metals and products
Electrical and Machinery Indonesia, Philippines Boilers, engines, and turbines; general machinery; metal working machinery; specialized machinery; heavy electrical; equipment; television sets, radios, audios, and communication equipment; electronic computing equipment; semiconductors and integrated circuits; other electronics and electronic products; household electrical equipment; lighting fixtures, batteries, wiring, and others; precision machines
Malaysia Industrial machinery; household machinery; radio, TV and com. equipment; elect. appliances and houseware; other electrical machinery
Instruments and clocks
Thailand Engines and turbines; agricultural machinery; wood and metal working machinery; special industrial machinery; office and household machinery; electrical industrial machinery; radio and television; household electrical appliances; insulated wire and cable; electric accumulator and battery; other electrical apparatuses and supplies; scientific equipments; photographic and optical goods; watches and clocks; recreational and athletic equipment
Vietnam Health instrument and apparatus; precise and optics equipment, meter (all kinds); home appliances and its spare parts; general -purpose machinery; other general -purpose machinery; other special -purpose machinery; electrical machinery; other electrical machinery and equipment; machinery used for broadcasting, television and information activities
Transport Equipment Indonesia, Philippines Motor vehicles; motor cycles; shipbuilding; other transport equipment
Malaysia Ships and boats; motor vehicles; cycles and motorcycles; other transport equipment
Thailand Motor Vehicle; motorcycle, bicycle and other carriages; repairing of motor vehicle; ship building; railway equipment; aircraft
Vietnam Motor vehicles, motor biles and spare parts; bicycles and spare parts; automobiles; other transport mean