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The accelerator control system of CSNS


The China Spallation Neutron Source is an accelerator-based user facility for neutron, proton, muon applications and so on. The designed proton beam power is 100 kW for the first phase. Overall, the scope of accelerator control system covers four parts, the global systems, the device layer local controls and remote controls, the high-level applications and services and the integration of conventional facilities. The principle guideline is to adopt as many as possible matured technologies and commercial products in the design and implementation. The control system is based on Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System. VME64x bus is chosen for timing system and fast protection system. PLCs and embedded industrial computers are used in the device layer slow controls. Control System Studio is adopted as the high-level applications. Blade server-based virtualization platform is deployed for the computer system. The accelerator control system was completed in September 2017 and then transited to routine operations. The design, implementation and operation of the accelerator control system are described in this paper.

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