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MTCA.4-based LLRF control system for the C-ADS proton Linac injector I



The Chinese ADS proton Linac injector I composed of an electron cyclotron resonance ion source, a low-energy beam transport line, a radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) accelerator, a medium-energy beam transport (MEBT) line, a superconducting section and beam dump with design goal to achieve CW proton beam with beam current 10 mA and energy gain around 10 MeV. In order to maintain the stability of the RF system, to compensate for the beam load effect and to provide the GUI required for the operation of the RF power system, we have established a LLRF control system.


This LLRF system for ADS proton Linac injector I in IHEP consists of RF reference system and LLRF controllers for one RFQ cavity, two MEBT bunching cavities and 14 superconductive spoke cavities. We have adopted a new development mTCA.4-based hardware platform, and it has some characteristics such as faster bandwidth, standardized design, easy operation and maintenance and good expansibility.


The LLRF system has been improved and optimized and has now been put into operation. It takes into account the pulse and CW beam flow mode, feedforward and feedback control functions.


With the help of this system, we achieved stable operation with narrow pulses, long pulses, and CW modes under different beam loads. This article describes the implementation of this system and presents some initial the CW beam acceleration results with the help of this system at the end of 2016.

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The authors would like to sincerely thank the ADS team for their hard work and dedication. Also thank colleagues for discussion and exchange, especially colleagues from beam dynamics group.

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Liu, R., Ma, X.P., Gan, N. et al. MTCA.4-based LLRF control system for the C-ADS proton Linac injector I. Radiat Detect Technol Methods 1, 3 (2017).

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  • RF system
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