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Production of neutron-rich exotic nuclei in projectile fragmentation at Fermi energies


Isotopic fragment yields of projectile fragmentation in peripheral collisions of \(^{86}\hbox {Kr}\) on \(^{124,112}\hbox {Sn}\) and the mean neutron-to-proton ratios of the fragments are calculated, theoretically, within the ensemble approach of statistical multifragmentation model. Obtained data are compared to the experimental cross-section measurements for the projectile-like fragmentation in the reaction of 25 MeV/nucleon \(^{86}\hbox {Kr}\)+\(^{124,112}\hbox {Sn}\) at Texas A&M University. We show the enhancement in the production of neutron-rich isotopes close to the projectile as observed in the experiments. We also demonstrate the universality of the limitation of the excitation energy induced in the projectile residues.

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  • Projectile fragmentation
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  • Universality