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Control methods of the olive leaf gall midge (Dasineura oleae Angelini, Cecidomyiidae, Diptera) and potential implementation of integrated control programs in olive orchards


The olive leaf gall midge (Dasineura oleae) is a gall-inducing insect on leaves, branches and stems of flowers of olive trees. Heavy infestation with the insect causes significant reduction in olive production. The outbreak of the insect occurs in various local regions of olive production in the Mediterranean countries since 2010 causing serious damage on infested trees. No previous revisions have been made on the control measures of D. oleae, and no specific integrated control programs of this insect were implemented to manage the insect outbreak. Therefore, the present review aimed at, first, revising and discussing the research conducted on the control measures of D. oleae and then suggesting a specific integrated control program for a better management of this insect during the outbreaks. The suggested program is mainly relying on biological control of D. oleae using native parasitoids as the main component. The other components of the program (e.g., using yellow sticky traps, pruning infested olive organs with the insect then burning them, and irrigating trees properly during the hot months of summer and fall seasons) should be applied if the suppression of the insect population by the native parasitoids is not enough. This review discusses the potential implementation of the suggested program and provides some conclusions and recommendations for guiding and improving the future research on this pest.

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(Modified from Batta and Doğanlar 2020)

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Many thanks for the native English speaker who helped in editing the English of this manuscript.


The present work was financially supported by “the deanship of scientific research at An-Najah National University” under Grant [Ref. number: ANNU-1920-Sc017].

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