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Active collision warning systems for mobile machines

  • Manuel Fischer
  • Muhammet Albayrak
Development Assistance Systems

Manoeuvring and reversing are the most frequent causes of accidents involving mobile machines used on construction sites, in open-cast and underground mining and in agriculture and forestry, as well as municipal and special vehicles. The active driver assistance system developed by Sick is designed to monitor the area around and behind mobile machines that is invisible to the driver. It consists of a 3-D vision sensor, which identifies people and objects in the driver‘s blind spot and issues a warning.


Sensor-based automated systems for agricultural and forestry vehicles, mobile construction machines in building construction, civil engineering and mining and municipal and special vehicles are becoming increasingly important. One area where sensors are used in mobile machines is to provide reliable systems that detect the risk of a collision and warn the driver. The main driving force behind this development is the fact that a large number of collisions and accidents can be...

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  • Manuel Fischer
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  • Muhammet Albayrak
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  1. 1.Sick AGWaldkirchGermany

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