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GKN Walterscheid | Hydraulic Top Links for Tractors

The new hydraulic top link from GKN Walterscheid, which has an integrated shock absorber, improves both ride comfort and safety. A shock absorber mechanism has been developed that is integrated directly into the hydraulic cylinder and does not take up any additional space. The new hydraulic top link gives the driver a much more comfortable ride. The absorber function can be activated or deactivated from the driver’s seat and the damping rate can be adjusted, depending on the type of implement. These top links with shock absorbers are fully compatible with standard top links and can be used to replace them. They can be installed without additional components or special parts and they take up no more space than standard top links. The design ensures that the implement is in a secure working position without the need to constantly operate the check valve. In addition, the tractor is insulated from the impact loads caused by a bouncing...

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