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Liebherr Large Wheel Loader with Power-split Drivetrain

  • Andreas Fuchs

The new XPower generation of large wheel loaders from Liebherr sets new standards in fuel efficiency, performance, robustness and comfort. At the heart of the new wheel loaders is a power-split drivetrain that is fitted as standard in these machines and which meets EU Stage IV / Tier 4 final standards. It combines a hydrostatic drive, which is ideal for material uptake and travelling over short distances, with a mechanical drive, which offers benefits over long distances and when driving on gradients. The combination of these two drive types in a single wheel loader ensures high efficiency and fuel savings of up to 30 % in all situations.

Tough Testing Programme

Liebherr has subjected the new wheel loader generation to even more rigorous, more extensive and more comprehensive testing than ever before. The wheel loaders have proved their robustness over a total of more than 70,000 operating hours. The testing programme covered everything from conventional reloading to special...

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