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Combining boosting machine learning and swarm intelligence for real time object detection and tracking: towards new meta-heuristics boosting classifiers

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International Journal of Intelligent Robotics and Applications Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Artificial vision in robotics involves real time detection of objects for fast decision making. Such intelligent systems require efficient algorithms and big learning database of examples for producing robust classifiers. Several methods of objects detection and tracking have been proposed in the literature. However, even though the detection rates have been improved, the processing time and the complexity of the models still representing a key challenge. In this paper, we present a real time object detection and tracking framework based on Adaboost classification, where a strong classifier is generated using an iterative combination of weak learners. This method is based on the use of discriminative features by analyzing different regions of the input image. Instead of performing a full traversal in the entire search space of all possible visual features, we propose to use intelligent heuristics for accelerating time processing and extracting relevant features in the image that lead to a best detection rate. The meta-heuristics involve the use of genetic algorithms, particle swarm optimization, random walk and a novel hybrid combination of these methods. The obtained results, in a case of intelligent transportation system, have shown considerable improvements in term of computation time, efficiency and accuracy.

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Correspondence to Sidahmed Benabderrahmane.

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This work was funded by Ecoles des Mines.

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