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Human-directed coordinated control of an assistive mobile manipulator


This paper considers the control of a mobile manipulator with the end-effector commanded by a human user. The motivation is to empower mobility impaired individuals to tackle certain activities of daily living. The prototype robotic system consists of a redundant articulated arm mounted on a mobile base. The human user specifies the desired motion of certain degrees of freedom, such as the translation or rotation of the arm end-effector. An optimization-based control algorithm determines the full arm and base motion to minimize deviation from the human intent while satisfying certain equality and inequality constraints. These constraints may involve physical requirements of the system, e.g., collision avoidance and joint limits, and human user consideration, such as intuitiveness of the combined arm and base motion. This constraint optimization problem is strictly convex and may be efficiently solved as a quadratic problem. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the algorithm in simulation and experimentation, using a dual-arm Baxter robot mounted on a wheelchair as a prototype testbed. Human user commands the end-effector of one of the arms using a 3-degree-of-freedom interface, either a sip-puff or a joystick type of device. We demonstrate effective object retrieval and placement in an environment with obstacles.

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The authors would like to thank Andrew Cunningham and Jingyu Su for the wheelchair control system implementation, Dan Kruse for the Robot Raconteur Baxter Bridge, and John Wason for the development and sharing of Robot Raconteur. The enthusiasm, encouragement and feedback from David Whalen is a continuing source of inspiration. This work is supported primarily by the Center for Automation Technologies and Systems (CATS) under a block grant from the New York State Empire State Development Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR), and in part by the National Science Foundation Smart Lighting ERC under NSF Cooperative Agreement No. EEC-0812056.

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