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Epistemic fluency and professional education: innovation, knowledgeable action and actionable knowledge by L. Markauskaite and P. Goodyear

Springer, Singapore, 2017, 636 p.
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With a strong emphasis on epistemic games, this book is itself a game changer by defining transdisciplinary perspectives of professional education and professional learning. For educators of pre-service or in-service teachers, this book is even more important as it offers an alternative to conventional understandings of cognition and learning, and an array of strategies that may also be relevant to the way we teach in secondary and primary contexts. While the authors tend to approach thinking and learning from a cognitive science perspective, it is the adoption of perspectives from diverse epistemological and ontological origins that makes this book unique: as the author’s contend with broadening the conventional cognitive sciences world-view.

Lina Markauskaite and Peter Goodyear have worked together to accumulate the empirical foundations of this book for 7 years. Lina is an associate professor in the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovations (CRLI), at the University of Sydney....

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