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Length-Weight Relationships of Six Fish Species of a Rocky Intertidal Shore on the Subtropical Atlantic Coast of Spain

Thalassas: An International Journal of Marine Sciences Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Length-weight relationships (LWRs) for six fish species caught from tidepools in an intertidal rocky shore in the Gulf of Cadiz are presented. This study presents the first data on LWR for Clinitrachus argentatus (WT = 0.0069 * TL3.077), Coryphoblennius galerita (WT = 0.0051 * TL3.409), and Parablennius incognitus (WT = 0.0090 * TL3.113) outside the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent eastern waters. The data of LWRs for juveniles of Symphodus roissali (WT = 0.0117 * TL3.091), Serranus scriba (WT = 0.0165 * TL2.881), and Diplodus cervinus (WT = 0.0152 * TL3.060) are also presented for first-time. Due to fish body shape may vary during growth in relation to size, studies covering a specific size range relating to life stage can be useful to estimate the LWRs for different development phases. The findings of this study fill the gap in LWRs data for immature fish in S. roissali, S. scriba and D. cervinus. Moreover, because intertidal zones and their adjacent subtidal areas represent nursery grounds for species that eventually recruit to coastal fisheries, the LWRs estimates for other species can also help to understand the population dynamics and conservation for native fish species.

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We are grateful to M. Florio and three anonymous reviewers for helpful comments on the manuscript.

Availability of Data and Material

Data are available on reasonable request from the corresponding author.

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Milagrosa C. Soriguer designed the research. Carmen Gómez-Cama, Milagrosa C. Soriguer and Jesus C. Compaire were involved in the sampling surveys. Carmen Gómez-Cama and Jesus C. Compaire identified and processed the fish caught. Milagrosa C. Soriguer and Jesus C. Compaire analysed the data and performed the statistical analysis. Jesus C. Compaire interpreted the results and wrote the manuscript, and Milagrosa C. Soriguer contributed to the revision of it.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Jesus C. Compaire.

Ethics declarations

Conflicts of Interest/Competing Interests

No financial conflict of interest was reported by the authors.

Ethics Approval

Fish specimens were appropriately sedated to ensure animal welfare and avoid needless pain before they were killed. This methodology complied with regional animal welfare laws, guidelines and policies as approved by the Territorial Delegation of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment of the Regional Government of Andalusia.

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