First Record of the Keeltail Pomfret Taractes rubescens (Jordan & Evermann, 1887) (Teleostei: Perciformes: Bramidae) from the South-Eastern Arabian Sea


Present study reports the first record of the keeltail pomfret, Taractes rubescens (Jordan & Evermann 1887) in the south-eastern Arabian Sea based on four specimens collected from the Cochin Fisheries Harbour, Kerala, India. The results of the comparative morphometric and meristic analysis of the present and previous records are presented here. This study revealed the first record of T. rubescens in south-eastern Arabian Sea extending its known geographical range by more than 2000 km in southward direction from the Oman Coast. Further, it is an addition to the deep sea ichthyofaunal biodiversity of the west coast of India.

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The authors are highly grateful to the Dr. A Gopalakrishnan, Director, ICAR-CMFRI, Cochin for providing all necessary facilities and constant support during the entire study period. We also thank Dr. Shelton Padua for preparing a beautiful distributional map.

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