Ecology of Coralline Red Algae and Their Fossil Evidences from India


DOI: 10.1007/s41208-016-0017-7

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Sarkar, S. Thalassas (2017) 33: 15. doi:10.1007/s41208-016-0017-7


Coralline red algae are important components of numerous tropical and temperate carbonate systems throughout the world. The environmental factors such as light, water depth, temperature and ocean chemistry have been acknowledged by researchers worldwide to have an impact on the recruitment and diversity of shallow-water coralline algae in marine benthic environments. The potential of coralline red algae as marine climate archives has also been highlighted in many recent studies. A brief overview of the fossil coralline red algae from various sedimentary basins of India is presented herein as well as their palaeoecological applications. The shortcomings and future prospects of coralline algal studies in India pertinent to significant aspects such as palaeoecology, palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, climate dynamics and extinction episodes are also discussed succinctly.


Coralline algae Palaeoecology Environment Sedimentary basins India 

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