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Public Accommodations for LGBTQ Individuals: Current Policies, Pending Debates


This policy brief reviews recent rulings on public accommodations access for transgender and gender-variant students in the school system as well as pending debates within the Supreme Court of the United States. This article opens with a review of current and past policies related to LGBTQ and transgender and gender-expansive adults and youth and the implications of these policies. A discussion related to the protection of the civil and human rights of LGBTQ youth and current advocacy needs follows, with a focus on understanding current educational and mental health issues of queer youth, particularly those who identify as transgender and gender-expansive and the consequences when the basic human and civil rights of this population are not protected. For inclusive and affirmative practice with LGBTQ adults and youth, it is an ethical necessity to understand the trajectory of civil rights and advocate for appropriate policies that will provide the supportive environment required to reduce mental health risks. Implications for practice, future policy development, and advocacy are suggested with a focus on informing and empowering social workers working with gender-variant youth, particularly within the school system.

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Redcay, A., Counselman-Carpenter, E. & Wade, G. Public Accommodations for LGBTQ Individuals: Current Policies, Pending Debates. J. Hum. Rights Soc. Work 7, 128–137 (2022).

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  • Transgender youth
  • Public accommodations
  • School policy
  • Legal protections
  • Gender discrimination
  • Human rights