Henry Notaker, 2017, A History of Cookbooks. From kitchen to page over seven centuries

Oakland, University of California Press, 384 p.
  • Florent Quellier
Book Review

Published in the reference collection “California Studies in Food and Culture” edited by Darra Goldstein, this book by Henry Notaker is the result of a long study that began in the early 1980s. It is the work of a polyglot, a researcher passionate about his subject, and an indefatigable reader. The chronological and geographical scope of the author’s knowledge of Western cookbooks impresses seven centuries, from the reappearance of culinary manuscripts in Western society (thirteenth to fourteenth centuries) to the late twentieth century, not to mention useful historical reminders from antiquity (e.g. Apicius, Athenaeus, Galenus and Hippocrates), and covering all European countries from the Italian peninsula to Scandinavia and from Portugal to Russia, as well as the English, French and Spanish speaking Americas, South Africa and even Australia!

The book is organised into three main sections: it opens in a pleasant and relevant way with an interwoven cameo of a writer and a cook from the...


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