Xabier Itçaina, Antoine Roger, Andy Smith, 2016, Varietals of Capitalism: A Political Economy of the Changing Wine Industry

Ithaca and London, Cornell University Press, 266 p.
  • Stefano Ponte
Book Review

Varietals of Capitalism is a theoretically driven and empirically-rich examination of the political economy of the 2008 reform of EU wine policy. It asks two key research questions: why reform took place, and why at that particular time. In order to do so, the authors painstakingly trace the process of change for at least two decades before the reform was approved, and follow its implementation as well. Empirically, the research behind the book is mostly based on secondary sources and a limited number of interviews. The geographic scope of the analysis is multi-layered: while the core focus is reform at the EU level, when it comes to scientific, economic, and bureaucratic processes, the authors draw specifically on the experiences of four EU countries (France, Spain, Italy and Romania) and of various regions and geographic appellations within these countries.

The theoretical approach proposed by the authors, labelled ‘structural contingency’, is presented as an alternative to...

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  1. 1.Copenhagen Business SchoolFrederiksbergDenmark

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