Sleep architecture of adenosine A2A receptor-deficient mice


Adenosine signaling has profound effects on sleep, many of which depend on the adenosine A2A receptor (A2AR). Here, we compared the sleep architecture of adult male A2AR knockout (A2AR-KO) mice and wild-type littermates. While total time spent in each stage of wakefulness, non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREMS), and rapid eye movement sleep (REMS) was normal in A2AR-KO mice, the episode durations of NREMS and REMS were reduced, suggesting that both stages are more fragmented. In addition, time spent in REMS during the light phase was increased. During NREMS, average delta power was reduced. These results provide insights into how congenital lack of A2ARs affects sleep.

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We thank Jiang-Fan Chen for A2AR-KO mice. This work was supported by AMED under grant numbers JP19dm0107138 and JP19gm1110008; JSPS KAKENHI under grant numbers JP16H06141 and JP16H01264; the MEXT WPI program; the Cell Science Research Foundation; the Asahi Glass Foundation; the Nakajima Foundation; the Senri Life Science Foundation; and the Japan Foundation for Applied Enzymology (to Y.H.).

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  • Adenosine A2A receptor knockout mice
  • Non-rapid eye movement sleep
  • Rapid eye movement sleep
  • EEG power spectrum
  • Delta power