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Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy at Terahertz Frequencies

  • Jian Lu
  • Xian Li
  • Yaqing Zhang
  • Harold Y. Hwang
  • Benjamin K. Ofori-Okai
  • Keith A. Nelson
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  1. Multidimensional Time-Resolved Spectroscopy


Multidimensional spectroscopy in the visible and infrared spectral ranges has become a powerful technique to retrieve dynamic correlations and couplings in wide-ranging systems by utilizing multiple correlated light-matter interactions. Its extension to the terahertz (THz) regime of the electromagnetic spectrum, where rich material degrees of freedom reside, however, has been progressing slowly. This chapter reviews some of the THz-frequency two-dimensional (2D) spectroscopy techniques and experimental results realized in recent years. Examples include gas molecule rotations, spin precessions in magnetic systems, and liquid molecular dynamics studied by 2D THz or hybrid 2D THz-Raman spectroscopy techniques. The methodology shows promising applications to different THz-frequency degrees of freedom in various chemical systems and processes.


Terahertz Gas-phase molecular rotations Liquid-phase molecular dynamics Magnetic resonances 



We thank Sharly Fleischer, Takayuki Kurihara, and Tohru Suemoto for contributions to this work. This work was supported, in part, by Office of Naval Research Grant N00014-13-1-0509 and Defense University Research Instrumentation Program Grant N00014-15-1-2879, National Science Foundation Grants CHE-1111557 and CHE-1665383, and the Samsung Global Research Outreach program.


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  • Xian Li
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  • Yaqing Zhang
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