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Modulation and Control of Charge Transport Through Single-Molecule Junctions

  • Kun Wang
  • Bingqian Xu
Part of the following topical collections:
  1. Molecular-Scale Electronics: Current Status and Perspective


The ability to modulate and control charge transport though single-molecule junction devices is crucial to achieving the ultimate goal of molecular electronics: constructing real-world-applicable electronic components from single molecules. This review aims to highlight the progress made in single-molecule electronics, emphasizing the development of molecular junction electronics in recent years. Among many techniques that attempt to wire a molecule to metallic electrodes, the single-molecule break junction (SMBJ) technique is one of the most reliable and tunable experimental platforms for achieving metal–molecule–metal configurations. It also provides great freedom to tune charge transport through the junction. Soon after the SMBJ technique was introduced, it was extensively used to measure the conductances of individual molecules; however, different conductances were obtained for the same molecule, and it proved difficult to interpret this wide distribution of experimental data. This phenomenon was later found to be mainly due to a lack of precise experimental control and advanced data analysis methods. In recent years, researchers have directed considerable effort into advancing the SMBJ technique by gaining a deeper physical understanding of charge transport through single molecules and thus enhancing its potential applicability in functional molecular-scale electronic devices, such as molecular diodes and molecular transistors. In parallel with that research, novel data analysis methods and approaches that enable the discovery of hidden yet important features in the data are being developed. This review discusses various aspects of molecular junction electronics, from the initial goal of molecular electronics, the development of experimental techniques for creating single-molecule junctions and determining single-molecule conductance, to the characterization of functional current–voltage features and the investigation of physical properties other than charge transport. In addition, the development of advanced data analysis methods is considered, as they are critical to gaining detailed physical insight into the underlying transport mechanisms.


Molecular electronics Single-molecule break junction Mechanical modulation Molecule–electrode interfaces Rectification Negative differential conductance Gating effect 



The authors thank the U.S. National Science Foundation for funding this work (ECCS 0823849, ECCS 1231967, ECCS 1609788).


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