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Iron-Catalyzed C–H Functionalization Processes

  • Gianpiero Cera
  • Lutz Ackermann
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  1. Ni- and Fe-Based Cross-Coupling Reactions


Iron-catalyzed C–H activation has recently emerged as an increasingly powerful tool for the step-economical transformation of unreactive C–H bonds. Particularly, the recent development of low-valent iron catalysis has set the stage for novel C–H activation strategies via chelation assistance. The low-cost, natural abundance, and low toxicity of iron prompted its very recent application in organometallic C–H activation catalysis. An overview of the use of iron catalysis in C–H activation processes is summarized herein up to May 2016.


Iron C–H activation Chelation assistance Arylation Alkylation Alkenylation Amination 



















Directing group












Electron-donating group




Electron-withdrawing group


Functional group










Picolinic acid














Single electron transfer






Transition metal


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