Correction to: Exposing the probabilistic causal structure of discrimination

Correction to: Int J Data Sci Anal (2017) 3:1–21

In the original publication of the paper, the in-text citation for reference 33 was published in the incorrect place. The citation currently appears in the following sentence:

“Based on a detailed empirical analysis of Kleinberg [33] and her coauthors ….”

However, the correct position of the citation should be as follows:

“We refer the interested reader to [33] and citations within.”

In addition to this, the use of the story of the Sneetches as an analogy to help illustrate causal discrimination was originally sourced from Blank RM, Dabady M, Citro CF. Measuring racial discrimination. Natl Academy Pr; 2004. A reference to the book by Blank et al. (2004) was included in the text, but it should have been included in multiple instances in Section 1.2.

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