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Control of public official’s assets and incomes in Vietnam

  • Giao Cong Vu


This paper analyzes the current legal framework and the practice of control of assets and incomes of public officials in Vietnam. Vietnamese Government is unable to control assets and incomes of its civil servants which is primarily due to the existence of secret culture that heavily influences operations in the political system. The author opines that revision of laws against corruption will have limited effect or change in the control of assets and incomes of public officials. Further, there are institutional and cultural challenges in Vietnam which may invalidate attempts to control assets and incomes of public officials in the coming years.


Vietnam Assets Income Public official Anti-corruption 



This paper is a part of the Research Project on “Justice and the Right to Access Justice in Vietnam” (Code Number 505.01-2017.01 in 2017) funded by the National Foundation for Science and Technology of Vietnam (NAFOSTED). The author sincerely acknowledges the assistance provided by NAFOSTED.

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  1. 1.School of LawVietnam National University HanoiHanoiVietnam

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