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Evaluation the Shear Strength Behavior of aged MSW using Large Scale In Situ Direct Shear Test, a case of Tabriz Landfill


The current study presents the physical and mechanical properties of municipal solid waste (MSW) with different ages of new and old Tabriz landfill. Although there are several theoretical and laboratory methods to investigate the shear strength parameters of MSW, field methods provide more accurate results due to the minimum MSW disturbance and changes, so in this study the shear strength parameters of MSW Tabriz landfill were evaluated using the “Large Scale in Situ Direct Shear Device” with the cross-sectional dimensions 122 × 122 cm. In spite of difficulties related to conducting tests such as potential exposure to various contaminations and the lack of specific equipment in the beginning, it provided more realistic results of the geotechnical behavior of municipal solid waste compared to other methods. Moreover, the in situ unit weight, physical analysis, moisture and organic content at different ages were evaluated to better understand the mechanical response with increase in the age of MSW. The results showed the cohesion and friction angle of 5- and 16-year-old MSW was estimated as 1.17, 2.215 kPa and 31.51°, 21.51°, respectively; According to the results, the shear strength of 5- and 16-year-old MSW is mainly controlled by the friction angle which seems due to the MSW composition as a function of the consumption pattern. The physical analysis of fresh MSW from 2005 to 2017 showed an increase in the fiber content including plastics and textiles. Moreover, studies on MSW mechanical responses over the time revealed a decrease in the shear strength because of the raise in the fiber and plastic content.

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