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Experimental Study of Shear-Deficient RC Beam Wrapped with GFRP

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In this study, two types of shear-deficient beams having different stirrup spacing (150 mm c/c and 300 mm c/c) were used. The performances of shear-deficient beam strengthened with externally and internally wrapped GFRP were tested under three-point bending monotonic loading. The load-carrying capacity of GFRP-wrapped beam was found to be significantly increased in comparison to the unstrengthened (control) beam and was the highest in both externally and internally bonded shear-deficient beams, i.e., 39.60% and 45.3%, respectively. Significant increment was also observed in flexural ductility, energy absorption and inelastic performance of the strengthened beams. The performance of the externally GFRP-wrapped RC beam (GFRP–epoxy-bonded RC beam) was better than that of the internally wrapped beam. However, because of the low economy index, internal wrapping is more suitable as a strengthening technique than external wrapping.

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A st :

Cross-sectional area of the internal shear reinforcement

A wg :

Cross-sectional area of the external shear reinforcement

f y , st :

Yield strength of steel reinforcement

f c :

28 Days compressive strength of concrete

S s :

Spacing between internal shear reinforcement

S g :

Spacing between external shear reinforcement

Mu/Fu :

Shear span of RC beam

E g :

Modulus elasticity of GFRP material

ε g , eff :

Effective strain of GFRP

d g :

Depth of bonded material

d s :

Depth of shear reinforcement

θ :

Angle of diagonal shear crack (45°)

α s :

Angle of reinforced steel (900)

α g :

Angle of bonded material (900)

P y :

Yield load

P m :

Maximum load of beam specimen

P f :

Ultimate load at failure stage

y :

Yield displacement

m :

Displacement at maximum load stage

f :

Ultimate displacement at failure stage

μ :

Ductility factor

F :

Flexural strength as given in ASTM-2010 C293/C293M

L :

Span length

b :

Average width of specimen at the fracture

d :

Average depth of specimen at the fracture

k :

Stiffness of beam

p :




F deg :

Post-elastic strength degradation over yield strength

K deg :

Post-elastic stiffness degradation over yield stiffness

k y :

Yield stiffness

F y :

Yield strength


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  • Shear deficiency
  • GFRP wrapped
  • Flexural strength
  • Ductility
  • Energy dissipation