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Research on Rock-Filled Concrete Dam


Rock-filled concrete dam is a new type of dams constructed by RFC technology. Dozens of RFC dam have been built in China. At first, a brief introduction to RFC dams is presented in this paper. Then, some researches of RFC are introduced. The research focuses on mechanical properties and thermal–physical properties of RFC. Some data in-situ are also presented. Research results demonstrated that the RFC has good properties to be employed to build dams.

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We thank the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant no. 51239006) and the National 863 Technology Research and Development Program of China (no. 2012AA06A112) for its financial support. Many engineers and students involved in the projects of RFC dams are also appreciated for their contribution in the collection of all data in this paper.

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  • Rock-filled concrete
  • RFC dam
  • Properties of RFC