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Examining the Dynamic Response of Classical Columns


Ancient monuments have often sustained severe damage due to earthquakes. The examination of their dynamic behavior can reveal their vulnerability to different dynamic excitations. Ancient temples consisting of classical columns are of particular interest, due to their architectural features and complex geometry. The dynamic response of short free-standing classical columns is investigated in this study. Two small scale marble columns of the same size but with a different number of drums are subjected to harmonic, random and earthquake excitations. The effect of their geometrical features on their dynamic behavior is examined. Numerical models based on the finite element method can provide reasonable estimates of the dynamic response of classical columns but cannot predict all the attributes of their actual dynamic behavior.

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Fig. 1

Source: a Attribution to Jose Luiz Bernardes Ribeiro; b Attribution to Arkadiusz Dudzinski

Fig. 2

Source: aPhotograph courtesy of the Department of Archaeology, Boston University, Saul S. Weinberg Collection

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The author would like to thank the undergraduate student E. Haxhiraj for his assistance with the experimental work. There was no financial support for this research. Figure 1(a): Attribution to Jose Luiz Bernardes Ribeiro Fig. 1(b): Attribution to Arkadiusz Dudzinski Fig. 2(a): Photograph courtesy of the Department of Archaeology, Boston University, Saul S. Weinberg Collection.

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