A Chattering-Free Finite-Time Robust Synchronization Scheme for Uncertain Chaotic Systems

  • Siamak Heidarzadeh
  • Hassan SalariehEmail author
Research Paper


This paper addresses a simple chattering-free and finite-time convergent robust synchronization scheme for a general class of disturbed master and slave chaotic systems. Unlike traditional variable structure control schemes, the proposed controller does not directly include a switching function, and chattering is avoided. The term including switching function is the input of a low-pass filter where the filtered output is used in the controller. Also, numerical differentiation of master and slave state trajectories is not required to implement the controller. Stability of the proposed controller is established using a Lyapunov stability analysis and the finite-time convergence theories. Simulation results validate the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed control scheme.


Chaos synchronization Uncertain system Chatter-free Finite-time stability Sliding mode control 


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