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A Gross–Kohnen–Zagier type theorem for higher-codimensional Heegner cycles

  • Shaul Zemel
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We prove that the Heegner cycles of codimension m+1 inside Kuga-Sato type varieties of dimension 2m+1 are coefficients of modular forms of weight 3/2+m in the appropriate quotient group. The main technical tool for generating the necessary relations is a Borcherds style theta lift with polynomials. We also show how this lift defines a new singular Shimura-type correspondence from weakly holomorphic modular forms of weight 1/2−m to meromorphic modular forms of weight 2m+2.


Modular Form Cusp Form Automorphic Form Hodge Structure Abelian Surface 
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  1. 1.Einstein Institute of Mathematicsthe Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Edmund Safra CampusJerusalemIsrael

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