Sand casting of surface alloyed butterfly valve with improved hardness and corrosion resistance by incorporating metal powders in-mold coatings


A cost-effective procedure to surface alloy WCB steel butterfly valve sand castings using mold coatings incorporating metal and ferroalloy powders has been described. The tooling, mold design, and casting conditions similar to plain WCB castings were successfully used to produce sound surface alloyed butterfly castings under industrial conditions. The surface alloying was achieved by adding powders of Ni, Cr, Fe–Si, Fe–Mn, and Mo to the slurry containing a binder coated on the mold surface. The surface alloyed coatings on the surface of WCB steel butterfly valve castings were enriched in Ni, Cr, Mo, and Mn up to 6.4, 23.2, 3.3, and 1.1%, respectively. The depths of coatings were as high as 420 µm. After normalizing and tempering heat treatment, the surface alloyed layer exhibited an increase in corrosion resistance as compared to base metal WCB steel.

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The authors thank NSF WEP IUCRC for funding the project under the grant number 1540032. The authors express their gratitude to their industrial partner, Badger Alloys Inc., for casting prototypes of surface alloyed butterfly valves.

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  • surface alloying
  • corrosion
  • austenite phase
  • heat treatment
  • butterfly valve
  • nickel
  • chromium
  • manganese
  • silicon
  • molybdenum