Exploration on Preparation Process of High-Strength Fiber-Reinforced Shell for Investment Casting


The use of fibers as additives to increase the strength of investment casting shell has yielded some significant results. Here, polypropylene fiber of length 6 mm was added to the shell by airflow placement fiber method, and the three different processes [the conventional method, preimmersion silica sol method, and preimmersion slurry method (PSM)] were used to prepare fiber-reinforced shell based on better fiber dispersion; the strength of shell with 0.2–1.0 wt% fiber addition was tested and compared. The experimental results show that the green strength and fired strength of shell with 0.4–0.6 wt% fiber addition reached the maximum in the three processes. The shell prepared by PSM exhibited a higher strength than the other two methods with the same amount of fiber addition; the maximum green strength was 36.9% higher than the strength of fiber-free shell. Combined with the surface morphology of placement fiber and fracture surface morphology of shell, the factors affecting shell strength and interface bonding characteristics were analyzed.

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This project is supported by Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Plan, under the contracts No. 201502014, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51865042); the Natural Science Foundation of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China (Grant No. 2019LH05026), Inner Mongolia University of Technology Foundation (Grant No. X201412).

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  • fiber dispersion
  • preparation process
  • green strength
  • fiber-reinforced shell
  • interface
  • investment casting