Geothermal energy and integrated resource management in Turkey

  • Orkun Teke
  • Ergül YaşarEmail author
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Countries steps to change our energy habits while are willing to fight against the problem of global warming, one of the most important hazards our world faces, which is the result of the greenhouse effect created by a large of quantities carbon dioxide gas from heavy fossil fuel use. Geothermal energy has important role in Increasing Renewable Energy using that the most important way. Source management must be considered about using energy efficiently and sustainable. A successful resource management means a sustainable exploitation of the geothermal resource at hand. Main point of this study is provided some benefits with solutions for national and field based regulations. Integrated Source Management described clearly after introduction part of study. Following part, applications for national and field based regulations presented. Kızıldere II Geothermal Power Plant presents as “Well Application Story”. To conclusion, benefits of Integrated Resource Management in raising efficiency and sustainable using of geothermal resources represented.


Integrated resource management Global warming Renewable energy Geothermal energy 


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