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Vaginal Growth of Choriocarcinoma Managed by Emergent Embolization: Review and Case Report



Embolization of arterial supply of tumor and pelvic metastatic tissue has been widely used as an elective modality as an adjunct to chemotherapy in the management of gynecological tumors. It can be a rescue life-saving procedure in heavily pouring masses and also treatment modality so as to reduce the size of mass by endovascular methods. This is specifically remarkable in cases where other measures of hemorrhage control fail or are inapplicable.


Here we report the case of 27-year-old lady with vaginal metastasis of choriocarcinoma with uncontrollable bleeding that was managed by emergent embolization.


Coil embolization of bilateral internal iliac arteries by transfemoral route was done to control bleeding from vaginal metastatic growth of choriocarcinoma, which was in close proximity to urethral orifice. Emergent embolization proved to be a successful rescue modality of bleeding control from vaginal metastatic lesion of choriocarcinoma.


Embolization has an emergent and elective role of in the management of choriocarcinoma. Intervention radiology is of immense importance not only in regular elective cases, it also can be used as an emergent measure. If the process is expedited, and the avoidable delays are somehow overcome, it can be used for emergent control of gynecological hemorrhage.

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I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Dr. Gauri Gandhi, who played a vital role in expediting the whole process, and consultant cardiothoracic vascular surgeon (Dr. N.T.) for skillful support.


This procedure was carried out in a government institution. No additional funding requirements were there.

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