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Adult Granulosa Cell Tumor of Ovary: Clinical Study of 10 Cases

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To evaluate the clinicopathological entities of adult granulosa cell tumor of ovary.


A retrospective analysis of ten cases of adult granulosa cell tumor of ovary managed in a tertiary care center (VPS Lakeshore hospital, Kochi) from 2004 to 2018.


Ten cases were identified to have adult granulosa cell tumor (GCT). Mean age was 45.3 years (range 31–63 years). Irregular cycles, palpable mass and pain abdomen were presenting complains. Palpable abdomino-pelvic mass was present in 7 (70%). Only one case had preoperative rise in serum Ca125 level. Serum inhibin analysis was done in postoperative period only, and one case had raised inhibin. Out of ten cases, 6 underwent laparoscopic surgery for adnexal mass and diagnosis of GCT was made in the final histopathology report. Five of them underwent completion surgery later on. Adjuvant chemotherapy was given in three of the cases. Total of 7 cases (70%) had recurrence. Pelvis was common site of recurrence, and mean duration of recurrence was 5.08 years (24–132 months). Mean disease-free period was 3.97 years (6–132 months). There were four mortalities. The longest follow-up duration for single case till the date was 13 years with recurrence in between.


Granulosa cell tumor of ovary is rare form of ovarian malignancy. Stage is the important prognostic factor. It has good prognosis compared to epithelial ovarian neoplasm. It is difficult to predict preoperatively. Care should be taken to prevent spillage while dealing with adnexal mass which occurs commonly in minimal access surgery and mini-laparotomy.

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