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Table 4 Chemical composition, crystal phase and CTE of typical lithium aluminosilicate glass ceramics, compared to the tested glass ceramic samples, the cast “Float Combo Maltha” specimen and a typical window glass

From: Investigating the flexural strength of recycled cast glass

  1. *Lithium is a light element that cannot be detected by the XRF analysis and therefore the percentage corresponding to lithium oxide is reflected to a higher content of silica dioxide. According to the bibliography, the presented composition should have a 2-3% lithium oxide content and a lower silica dioxide content by 2-3%
  2. **A lower than 3% lithium oxide content is expected in the chemical composition
  3. [1] XRD measurements conducted by Ruud Hendrikx (TU Delft, 3me) using a Bruker D8 Advance diffractometer, Bragg–Brentano geometry and Lynxeye position sensitive detector
  4. [2] XRF measurements conducted with a Panalytical Axios Max WD-XRF spectrometer by Ruud Hendrikx (TU Delft, 3me);
  5. [3] Montazerian et al. (2015); [4] Songhan Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.; [5] Schott (2015b); [6] Höland and Beall (2020); [7] Shelby (2005); [8] Chyung (1977); [9] Brennan (1979); [10] Campbell and Hagy (1975)