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, Volume 56, Issue 3–4, pp 543–546 | Cite as

Shawkat Alam, Sumudu Atapattu, Carmen G. Gonzalez and Jona Razzaque (eds.): International environmental law and the global south

Cambridge University Press, 2015, xxi + 625 pp, Hardcover, $160
  • Nupur Chowdhury
Book Review

As with all edited collections, a formative question is whether the collection of essays (chapters) together are able to build a field of inquiry or less ambitiously even a coherent research argument. In that regard, the book is able to make a strong claim on the need to explore International Environmental Law (IEL) through the perspective of North-South division in perspectives and priorities. Although this has already been academically acknowledged, this is the first book which places International Environmental Law through this seemingly unsurpassable divide.

The book includes a rich collection of materials (29 chapters no less) exploring international negotiations, domestic environmental movements and also cross cutting issues like Trade and Environment. The book makes three important arguments. First that the division of priorities between North and South has been critical in the development of International Environmental Law, as practiced in the current context. Second, despite...

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