The 11th International Conference on Ethics Education will take place in Zagreb, Croatia on June 8–10, 2023. The Conference is organized at the Zagreb School of Medicine, University of Zagreb under the auspices of the International Association for Education in Ethics ( The main goals of the Association are the following: 1) to enhance and expand the teaching of ethics at national, regional and internationals levels; 2) to exchange and analyse experiences with the teaching of ethics in various educational settings; 3) to promote the development of knowledge and methods of ethics education; and 4) to function as a global centre of contact for experts in this field, and to promote contacts between members from countries around the world.

Abstracts will be welcomed on the following areas in ethics education:

  • Medical & Health Sciences, Nursing

  • Research Ethics

  • Law, history, humanities, philosophy

  • Art, Photography and Drama

  • Journalism, Social Sciences, Psychology and Theology (Religion)

  • Educational Insights

  • Business and Management

  • Engineering, Architecture and Nanotechnology

  • ICT

For abstract submission and information about the conference:

Contact Prof Ana Borovecki:

More information the conference is available at the IAEE Web Site: