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Assessment of medical students’ achievement of Najaf Abad Islamic Azad University educational objectives of medical ethics course using manuscript of them from “Extreme Measures” film


Medical ethics is a practical key element in the medical curriculum. Movies can be used as an effective and innovative way to involve students in discussions and reflections on ethical issues. This study aimed to evaluate the appropriateness of medical movies as a tool in medical ethics education. During the last teaching session of the medical ethics courses, the movie “Extreme Measures” was shown to the medical students. The present study is a descriptive-analytical study of 302 students’ manuscripts. The quantitative content analysis of the students’ manuscripts was carried out using a checklist that contained 11 titles and 75 subtitles. Each student’s checklist was compared to the student’s final exam score. The most recognized issue was justice (98%), and the least recognized one was confidentiality and privacy (8%). Nonmaleficence, respecting autonomy and informed consent, honor and integrity, end of life, duty and responsibility, conflict of interest, beneficence, relationship with colleagues and altruism were located in-between. There was a relationship between students’ final exam scores and their manuscripts’ scores. According to our findings, relevant movies with standard categorization can be used as a useful method for medical ethics education and assessment.

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This study is part of an MSC thesis in medical education at the School of Medical Education, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. We hereby wish to thank all collaborators, especially Ms. Maliheh Ghorbani of Qum University of Medical Sciences.

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